Allison Hyer | Founder & CEO

Even as a child Allison was always intrigued with spaces, structures and buildings. She would spend countless hours sketching floor-plans, and skyscrapers dreaming of one day living in a house with double doors and a split entry like the Brady Bunch, But then again it was the late 60’s and who wouldn’t. Today that same fascination still drives Allison with an ever broadening focus.
Allison is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University with a BS in Applied Arts and Technologies. After years of working in design build firms, in house studios, marketing, and as a corporate executive, Allison decided to start her own firm in 2007. This allowed her the creative freedom to use her many interest and abilities to help our clients define and build their vision.
Today, as for the past 30 years, Allison feels the same rush as thought is transferred to paper and paper to reality.